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Steve Rodger Perfect listening material as I re live my youth with glorious heavy metal and a Michael Moorcock book. Shield splitting !!!!
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Nine tales of woe and brutality as told by the bards, the dragon kings of Dragon's Bane. Light a torch, smoke a jay, press play, and try to ride out the storm. All Hail Dragon's Bane


released June 8, 2015

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by The Wizard, Dan Thabet of Liquid Studios

Album artwork by David Paul Seymour

All music composed by Dragon's Bane



all rights reserved


Dragons Bane Levittown, New York

The heaviest of Metal bands has risen from the charcoal ashes of Valyria. They rise now to take back what has been lost over the last century or so. Metal has wained and in its stead a breed of filth known as Pop Punk, Rap and EDM has plagued the realm but no longer. Dragon's Bane will restore Heavy Metal back to its former glory. Join the revolution, say the words & swear the oath. Dragon's Bane! ... more

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Track Name: Savage's Wedding
Mystifying silence
Of the sacred lands of holy ghosts
Dawn of the arakh
Brings the blighted men to drogos host
The king without a crown
Betrothed the mother of the dragon clan
Advent of a new age
Sweeps across colossal desert sands

God of thunder
Pave the way
Come what may

Goliath of the night lands
Suffuse the demigoddess with your seed
Stallion to mount the world
Burn the western lands as they plead
Westeros shall sunder
Beneath the piousness of Rhaego’s swords
Call to the victors
In the city of the horse lords

God of thunder
Pave the way
Come what may
To the night lands
We are bound
Heavy the hand
That wears the crown
Track Name: Bridge 4
Recruits line up on the front line
For most this will be the last time
None of these men have ever seen war
So for that they are sent to Bridge 4

Alright you cremlings, on your feet
Prepare yourselves for the gemhearts we seek


Good men fall on the shattered plains
Against the parshman they have yet to tame
Bridge crews charge the chasms so deep
With only their lives that they pray to keep
And as swarms of arrows block out the sky
Don’t you know bridge men are supposed to die

And so the nightmare began its last phase
What seemed like seconds lasts for days
Bodies pile up as they scream
Rotspren gather all putrid and green

And if we survive to see things through
All that will get us is horneater stew

Track Name: Hero of Chaos
A hundred years of battle turned the land to blood and ash
The people used like cattle and the armies for a clash
They all wait for the new age once this chaos ends
As the mighty forces engage, our hero will ascend

That is a castle built for war
Thick tall, heavy walls
Traps and trickery surely lie within
Unleash the horde, let the fun begin

Blade of my ambition
Strikes first like a snake
Forcing kings to submission
Burning them at the stake

This fire and burning passion
Has led me to action
Now the blue sky has died
So the black sky shall rise

I am an act of god
I am a natural disaster
Think you’re afraid of me now?
Wait till you see what I’m after

Cause I’ll betray the world before I let it
Oh I’ll betray the world before I let it
Oh I’ll betray the world before I let it
Oh I’ll betray the world before it betrays me
Track Name: Snakes & Foxes
Through the doors we are waiting
To roll the dice that you’re shaking
Trust the words that we’re saying
Ask the questions that you’re thinking

Heed the fox in the snake pit
Set the price or you’ve sealed your fate
Three wishes will be granted
No way to win and no path to leave

So make your move

Courage to strengthen and fire to blind
Music to dazzle and iron to bind
Every move could be your last
Win the battle and become the past

Heed the fox in the snake pit
Set the price or you’ve sealed your fate
Three wishes will be granted
No way to win and no path to leave

So make your move


They are the near ancient
The warriors of final regret
The knowers of all our secrets
The Finn who feed on emotion

Track Name: M.O.D.
Picked apart by destiny three heads did she sow
To complete a legacy of a kingdom she was owed
Born into a prophecy as the maelstrom raged
To wake the dragon she must conquer her birthplace
Where can you find the mother of dragons?

Amidst the salted sea the kraken sails to catch its prey
With dark magic the winds point towards slavers bay
Where the dragon waits surrounded by her strifes
It’s there Victarian will bind her to his life
Where can you find the mother of dragons?

You see allies, I see a prize
You’ll see her cry, I’ll see her demise!

With her dragons fire
Iron born will burn your pyre
And now this dragon horn binds
Her to me as a bride

Outside the walls of slave, second sons plot their battle ways
Inside a tent of fools, a lion awaits his next move
The dragon so forlorn, a princess in fields a blaze
Who will the gods decide to win on this final day
Where can you find the mother of dragons?

Khalessi, come to me!
Track Name: Bastard's Blade
Passed on by the great bear
For the heir was not to be
Sent to a strange land
Exiled overseas

Boy had a stark stare
It was plain to see
Bastard of the North, yeah
It was his destiny
To wield me!

He wields the bastard’s blade

Wildlings march south now
To storm the promise land
Bastard holds the wall now
He wills the watch to stand

He wields the bastard’s blade

This blade will claw the night
This blade will kill my foes
This blade will save the wal
Track Name: Heretic
Forsake your false gods
Sacrifice them to fire
For the night is dark
And full of terror

This is your priestess now

With her by my side
I will take what is mine
Shadows devour her enemies
I set the throne in my sight

This is my kingdom now
Track Name: Fire & Blood
Everyone among you calls out loud their claim
But calling loud won’t save you now for you’ll all burn in flames
The kingdom is your reaper, it will drag you to your grave
The one with the dragon’s fire will make you all his slave

Bow down to me
You’ll bow down to me
Rain blood in the streets
Bow down to me

Some kings play with honor but all kings still bleed
Trust will be your downfall there’s no honor amongst thieves
The battlefield bleeds red now, the crows they all feast
The sword is my weapon, it’ll see you to your knees

Fire! Fire and Blood!

The battle still rages no one will bend
Rest assured a sinner will stand in the end
Don’t fret my son these stories are mearly woes
It’s all apart of winning the game of thrones